Hemp has lots of good company in the green fashion world, nowadays… New materials made from fast-growing bamboo, and fleece fabric created from recycled plastic pop bottles, and natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, when they’re produced to organic standards…

But did you know there’s yet another fabric alternative to the environmentally demanding man-made synthetics?

This is new to me — soybean fibre!

Soybean fiber is an eco-friendly and advanced textile fiber using renewable natural resources as raw material. It is being touted as the “vegetable cashmere”. It has an incredibly soft to the hand feel, luster, loft and drape, combined with durability. Its porous structure and grooves on the fiber surface bring excellent wet permeability and warmth retention to keep babies warm and dry.

The whole idea behind the sustainable clothing movement is to use renewable raw materials or materials that would otherwise be wasted, to produce high-quality products that will last.

BabySoy soy fiber reversible hoodie jacket BabySoy is one of the companies leading the way with a whole line of design-conscious earth-friendly infant clothing — made from soybean fibre.

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I was surprised, frankly, by how reasonable the prices are! $28 for the reversible year-round hoodie, for example, or $11 for the slip-on pants. Soft soy baby blankets, cute little double-knot hats, one-piece suits and bodysuits, shirts, cardigans, even soy-fibre bibs and baby socks are available in the collection. Available in sizes from newborn to 24 months.

And even the factory that produces the BabySoy clothing is “green” as well, using limited water and power for its production.

This all just makes such good sense to me:– Protecting the environment is all about making our world a safer and healthier home for the future, and especially for our kids and grandchildren, right? So what could be better than to lean toward green with baby’s own clothing!

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  1. domestika

    Baby Sized, probably best to check with the company directly to see if they’ve expanded overseas.

  2. Baby Sized

    Can you get them in the UK?

  3. domestika

    @Jasey, interesting, now that you mention it… all the soy-fibre baby clothes I’ve seen are from the same company. Did you see the comments in this other post about BabySoy, however? If soy isn’t working out for you fo some reason, there are other ‘green’ alternatives like bamboo baby clothes — you’ll find a link to one company I like, in the comments on that post.

  4. Jasey


    Does anyone know of another manufacturer of Soy Baby clothes?
    Besides BabySoy


  5. G-star

    Nice clothes

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