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autumn leaves

One other thing I should have added to the long list of Thanksgiving weekend fun — arts and crafts with autumn leaves! Kelly (aged 11, my next-door neighbour’s granddaughter, visiting from out of town) came over on Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon — as she often does, when spending the weekend at her Grammie’s house. (And by the way, that’s a pleasure… [read more]

I found this great craft idea last autumn, but just a few days too late to collect a bunch of autumn leaves while they were at their brilliant best colours. This year, it’s high on my to-do list! The big sugar maple out front is turning an incredible vibrant red just now… In a superior step-by-step photographic tutorial, Natale shows… [read more]

bark mulch with autumn oak leaves and fallen acorns - autumn by velkr0, on Flickr

I was just out in the garden, starting in on the sad autumn clearing up in preparation for winter, half-thinking about getting started on the mulching. But already the mice are starting to find nice homes for themselves in the flower bed, among the dying leaves of the daylilies and in the leftover summer mulch. Note to self: don’t put… [read more]