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Woman back view with stick on gold jewelry

Stick-on jewelry for grown-up women? Oh, hey, now there's an idea! For those of us who love the look of an expert ink art but shrink from the actual acquiring of a tattoo, or wimp out when it comes to making a tough decision like where to get pierced, here's an intriguing body-decoration option out of Italy. "The new frontier… [read more]

woman with diamond-encrusted contact lenses

Some fashion trends are just so ridiculous, they can't possibly be allowed to pass by without comment and an eye-roll. What next? The new hot Bollywood fad could be diamond-encrusted contact lenses, if Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawanha has his wish. The contact lenses are constructed with gold rings around the irises, with thousands of dollars worth of tiny diamonds --… [read more]