North and South Recipes for Fried Green Tomatoes

Growing up on the east coast of Canada, we frugally made the most of the garden harvest each year, right down to the last rock-hard green tomatoes left on the vine at first frost. It wasn’t until I grew up and moved away that I learned a whole chunk of the world has a completely different way to make fried green tomatoes!

Now, there are endless variations on the dish, of course, but I divide the recipes into two camps – northern style and southern style. Up north, it’s all about the bacon fat. Down south, you’re talking a delicious deep-fry delight. But one thing in common to both recipes is the distinctive sharp flavor of unripe tomatoes.

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Cheap and Easy Homemade Vegetable Broth

You know all these cans of vegetable broth lined up on the supermarket shelves? -- a quick way to start a soup, or make a sauce, or juice up a simple casserole, sure enough. But while the convenience factor is tempting, I've never actually broken down and bought a can. Why? Because you can get the same thing cheaper and just as easily, right in your own kitchen. Bonus, no extra packaging waste to burden poor Mother Nature!

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Make Your Own Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit roll-ups, you know? I mean the chewy snack that we used to call fruit leather, back before you could get it all plastic-packaged in every corner store.

It’s not only a great way to use up your past-its-prime fruit, but a wonderful energy-giving snack you can grab for a busy family on the go.

And it’s surprisingly easy to make your own fruit leather.

My recipe calls for apples, because that’s usually what I’ve got, but you can easily do half-and-half pears and apples, or experiment with whatever other fruit you like.

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