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Nothing can jazz up a simple outfit like the perfect scarf — but how do you wear a scarf right? This quick instructional video shows you how to wear a scarf 25 different ways, enough fashion inspiration to take you through a month of work days … [read more]

Man and woman dancing in clothing of the WWII era

In general, it’s women’s fashion that changes so dramatically from one year (or one season, even) to the next. Men’s clothing is much more difficult to pinpoint in time, for most of us, than women’s clothing. One at-a-glance clue to nailing down the timeline on fashion is to look at the style of women’s hats, as well as the hemlines… [read more]

If this cold weather keeps up, I’m investing in a Lippi Selk Bag. Laugh if you will, but I’m declaring a whole new Nordic fashion trend… padded comfort!

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon

I can’t recall exactly how this idea of a virtual Bacon Collection got started, but it was definitely on Twitter, and probably sparked by @surfingtrucker: “Anyone tried chocolate covered bacon yet?” But the blame/credit for the collection getting to its current fat status can be laid squarely at the feet of my Lovely and Talented Research Assistant, Diane. “Saw this… [read more]

In today’s guest post, Pelf Nyok bring us another stand-out crafter from Malaysia with a look at Mabel’s gossamer-fine knit work… It’s inspiring to know that, less than a year ago, the creator of these delicate shawls was a total novice to knitting! ~ Jen   Mabel’s Pretty Shawls Two weeks ago, we had a peep into April’s collection of… [read more]

If you have children — or even if you don’t have children, but you sense that something’s not quite right with the self-image and body-image messages the kids are being bombarded with these days — have a look at this powerful short video. My web developer friend Guilherme (Zo’C) brought this video to our attention, and it’s really heartening to… [read more]

My sister-in-law’s Chihuahua, the ultimate Diva Doggie, is most definitely getting one of these Diva Dog toys at the next obligatory gift-giving occasion! Fancy designs combine silky soft plush fabric with hardy rope and the squeakers that dogs love — and shapes to amuse the human owners and friends! Now I just have to decide between the Bikini Top, Chewy… [read more]