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recycled plastic bottle flower

Have you seen those fantasy faux-glass flowers made from recycled pop bottles? I mean the delicate fragile-looking twisty looking ones, like those the US-based artist Laura Astor) used to make.  Like this. (Note: these aren’t the Anthropologie-style of flowers that use the ends of the bottles. But there’s a great tutorial from Sonia at Kosmic Chai, if you’re looking for… [read more]

My sister-in-law, the mad daylily collector, was among 2000 who rocked our local Run for the Cure this past weekend, to help to raise funds for breast cancer research. She’s one good reason why DomestikGoddess.com goes Pink for October — well, even more pink than usual. She also comes from a long line of photographers, and that’s where this next… [read more]

Much as I absolutely despise the kabillion pop-ups that plague the Better Homes and Gardens site, I do enjoy some of BHG’s quick-and-easy holiday decorating ideas. Here, for example, asparagus spears and long green beans make Thanksgiving-theme wrappers for simple pillar candles. It’s all done with a couple of strong elastic bands, and a length of satin ribbon to hide… [read more]

As I write this, the weather outside has turned from autumn-mild to chilly, with something wet, something between snow and rain, coming down from the dark sky — and underfoot, the ground is getting soft and muddy. Ah, what can you do with November in Canada? Splash out in a pair of stunning wellies, that’s what! Grey days and mud… [read more]

Have you seen Anna Whitford’s collection of decorative flowers? These are six-inch sculptural faux flowers — Dahlia and Gerbera, something reminiscent of a Zinnia, big fat luscious flowers to lift the spirits. The decorative floral ties are designed to be versatile and can be used again and again… Each design is hand crafted from high quality suede, faux suede or… [read more]

One other thing I should have added to the long list of Thanksgiving weekend fun — arts and crafts with autumn leaves! Kelly (aged 11, my next-door neighbour’s granddaughter, visiting from out of town) came over on Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon — as she often does, when spending the weekend at her Grammie’s house. (And by the way, that’s a pleasure… [read more]

I found this great craft idea last autumn, but just a few days too late to collect a bunch of autumn leaves while they were at their brilliant best colours. This year, it’s high on my to-do list! The big sugar maple out front is turning an incredible vibrant red just now… In a superior step-by-step photographic tutorial, Natale shows… [read more]