DIY Faux Snakeskin Mirror

snakeskin mirrors
I spotted these sleek chrome-and-snakeskin mirror frames while doing a bit of online window shopping at Wallis Designs — and that’s a brilliant place to pick up ideas for a mid-century or modern decor, by the way.

Now, for those of us not in the swanky Scottsdale neighbourhood (or income bracket), this look is still do-able.

The proper way, of course, would be to matt a chrome-framed mirror with faux snakeskin and bind the inner edge with bent aluminum chrome trim to match the frame. But that’s not going to happen.

I’m not exactly a real whiz at bending metal so that it’s nice and tidy… so I’d probably just fake the general effect.

It can be done quite handily with a pair of chrome picture frames in two different sizes, a mirror, and a piece of faux snakeskin fabric or printed vinyl. Snakeskin-printed paper would do nicely, too, if it’s a good quality and not too easy to rip.

You see where I’m going with this?

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