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Hannah singing, poster image derived from Hannahperforms by Mike Schmid from Hollywood, CA, USA (Revving Up The Crowd) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The not-so-coveted Hannah Montana holiday singing doll only knows one tune – she’ll belt out Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree until every adult in the house wants to smash the toy with a case of Tylenol bottles… [read more]

Elvis theme decoupage russian nesting dolls

When I spotted this set of Elvis Presley Russian nesting dolls — you know, where you open the wooden doll shape to reveal a smaller one; open it and there’s a smaller one yet; and so on — it sparked all sorts of ideas! Decoupage, my friends! See, I knew you could get blank (unpainted) sets of Russian nesting dolls… [read more]

Elton John Sock Monkey in red striped suit and sunglasses

Only a soul that’s devoid of joy can fail to love a good sock monkey, or to smile at that goofy knitted-primate face and gangling limbs. More fun yet, when the sock monkey gets celebrity status! This little guy, from the Sock Monkey Jungle of Lancashire, UK, channels Elton John at his most groovy, complete with over-sized sunglasses and a… [read more]

Okay, girls, let’s talk about Wedding Favours: those little gifts for your guests that also serve to decorate the tables at your reception. I beg you right now, forget all about those tacky little plastic cups filled with after-dinner mints and wrapped in tulle. Really? No one is impressed with that originality. And no one over the age of 5… [read more]

While looking around for gift ideas that fit with our family’s philosophy of trying to “live lightly on the earth” I came across a good idea in the Eneract Newsletter: Always keep in mind that the best gift is one that uses the least resources. So write a letter, sing a song, promise to paint a wall, help install their… [read more]

Cookie mix layered in jar with red ribbon

Layer a few colourful ingredients in a wide-mouthed Mason jar, decorate the lid with fabric, ribbon, dried flowers, etc., and tie on a small wooden spoon or cute cookie cutter — and you’ve got a quick and easy gift that’s sure to be appreciated. Take a little Google around the internet and you’ll find plenty of recipes for cookies, soup… [read more]