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Man and woman dancing in clothing of the WWII era

In general, it’s women’s fashion that changes so dramatically from one year (or one season, even) to the next. Men’s clothing is much more difficult to pinpoint in time, for most of us, than women’s clothing. One at-a-glance clue to nailing down the timeline on fashion is to look at the style of women’s hats, as well as the hemlines… [read more]

The Victoria & Albert Museum shop has some remarkably funky offerings, for a museum, and this colourful clock kit caught my eye some time ago. I’ve been semi-obsessed with it ever since. Originally inspired by imagery on an earthenware tile by A.W.N. Pugin (Britain 1850), the kit comes with full assembly instructions and everything you need to create your very… [read more]

close-up of mummified cat on the end of a pitchfork

First, let me give you a little background on “Lucky” — the mummified cat that one Domestik Goddess reader discovered (most unexpectedly!) in the roof of an old thatched cottage in Ireland… A while back, you might recall, I wrote about the fascinating old tradition of hiding ritual objects in houses as protection against evil spirits and witchcraft. And I… [read more]

Lovers of art and fans of technology will equally appreciate this stunning video, tracing the evolution of our ideals of feminine beauty through famous portraits of women, spanning the centuries. I’m sure there’s a deep message to be gained here — something about beauty and art and character showing through the eyes and body language giving clues to the authority… [read more]

When I was a child, my grandfather had an old farmhouse that had been built onto in sections over a period of 175 years. My aunts always believed that the back chambers of the oldest part were haunted by a long-dead young woman named Charlotte. I don’t know the details of the ghost story, but I do know the spooky… [read more]