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Nibbler Amigurumi

Futurama and amigurumi go together like mac-and-cheese, Sheldon and Leonard, a rose tatt and advanced calculus… Take a look at some of these (free) original crochet patterns by crafty Futurama fans, and see how long you can resist grabbing a hook. … [read more]

Single Point Premium Collection Bamboo Knitting Needles

My sister insists on wooden knitting needles. As she’s a genius knitter, I bow to her expertise when she tells me that wood is the best choice for working with real wool. Lightweight yet strong,  wooden knitting needles are naturally warm to the touch, which is apparently much nicer for those knitters who are troubled by arthritis. Or, I suggest, for… [read more]

Recycled denim pieced together to make a circle pattern quilt from old jeans

Think about all you’ve been through together, those great-fitting friendly old jeans and you. Who wants to just trash those favourite jeans, when they get beyond wearing? Check out these recycled-denim quilt pattern and tutorials for cool ideas… [read more]

Knit Your Own Dog knitting book

No dogs allowed at your digs? No worries! Thanks to British knitwear designers Sally Muir and Joanne Osborne — the clever chicks who created that famous bright red “black sheep” sweater sported by Princess Diana back in the 80s — you can knit your own faithful companion. The patterns in Muir & Osborne’s spiffy book, Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow… [read more]

Quilt Layout by designsbykari, on Flickr

If you’ve seen a zig-zag quilt, you’ll immediately see the fascination. It looks like giant bands of rick-rack trim sewn into a quilt — but really, the zig-zag effect is achieved with a series of triangles and a trick of the eye. Now, you might look at a zig-zag quilt and figure it’s pretty straightforward to make — but it… [read more]

There have been so many lovely stories of dogs who’ve been helped by the dog boot pattern I scribbled out and posted when I had to make a quick set of winter boots for my greyhound, Casey — it’s really pretty heartwarming. Old dogs who slip on the ice… Dogs with injured paws in need of protection… Dogs with tender… [read more]

Hope s Birds crochet pattern by Akua Lezli Hope

Akua Lezli Hope’s dainty crocheted birds — peace doves — were inspired by the TikkunTree project , and she’s giving away this original crochet pattern because she wants to encourage its use by crafters in other peace projects…