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So, you want your kid to have a bedroom that's decorated to match his dreams -- but you don't want to spend much money? Well, here's one incredibly frugal solution to that decorating dilemma: Block Posters lets you send any image from your computer (up to 1 MB size file), slice it up, print it out, and turn it into a giant wall poster -- free!


My sister-in-law, the mad daylily collector, was among 2000 who rocked our local Run for the Cure this past weekend, to help to raise funds for breast cancer research. She's one good reason why DomestikGoddess.com goes Pink for October -- well, even more pink than usual. She also comes from a long line of photographers… [read more]

Baby book photograph album

We usually think of baby photograph albums as something like Granny's "brag book," stuffed with snaps of the adored new grandchild,  right?  Well, Baby's My First Photo Album of Family and Friends is just a bit different - it is designed for Baby. More than a place to stash family photos, this unique photo album is almost… [read more]

Umbra trapeze 3 picture frames

I want to talk about picture frames, really I do. But first let me tell you how this comes to mind. See, last night I went to visit my friend Betty, interior designer extraordinaire. And whenever I visit her, I get all excited by the many and varied trapeze lights that she's used in her… [read more]

As those of you following the Canadian news (or my other River/Road post) may gather... we've had a spot of flooding, here in the St. John River valley of New Brunswick. And as I said yesterday,When Nature gets nasty, know what we do around here? We rush out and take pictures, of course. Especially those… [read more]

Yes, December is defnitely here. There's a winter storm warning on for, well, almost all of the country, according to Environment Canada... Just in the past hour, the snow has been moving in quickly here. He Who Hogs The Power Tools scampered out earlier than planned to do the first-of-week errands in town, and I've… [read more]