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pink ribbon

My sister-in-law, the mad daylily collector, was among 2000 who rocked our local Run for the Cure this past weekend, to help to raise funds for breast cancer research. She’s one good reason why DomestikGoddess.com goes Pink for October — well, even more pink than usual. She also comes from a long line of photographers, and that’s where this next… [read more]

If you’re at all into the game of Bunco, here’s a little something: Proctor & Gamble’s Prilosec OTC has teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® to raise money for breast cancer through a Charity Challenge. Players can register online at Buncocentral.com and the group that raises the most cash will win a trip to Vegas to compete in… [read more]

There’s something about the comfort of a handmade quilt that’s a natural match for a good cause. And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink Ribbon) month, it’s a perfect time for making a quilt in pink. Rosie’s Calico Cupboard gives us a free pattern for her Ribbon of Concern Quilt, with pieced blocks that look like pink fabric ribbons… [read more]

When jewellery-crafter and artist Tracy found out that she had breast cancer, she felt like she had “fallen in a hole, and couldn’t get out — couldn’t get happy again”… 100% understandable, with such life-changing news. It was her husband who had the idea for a representation of a ladder, an image that helped Tracy to climb out of that… [read more]