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Sorting T-Shirts by KOMUnews, on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/komunews/6252410211/

Have you seen this T-Shirt Folder thing? I just stumbled across it last week and have been sitting here shaking my head ever since. I admit that I do like a nicely folded T-shirt as much as the next person, but… really? Ten bucks (or more!) for a bendy foldy gizmo to help you fold a T-shirt into a nice neat… [read more]

OutsaPop Trashion t-shirt hobo bag http://www.outsapop.com/2009/08/outsapop-trashion-t-shirt-hobo-bag.html

Want to keep the summer memories alive, but your fav souvenir T-shirt is past its “best before” date? With just a few basic sewing or crochet skills, you can “upcycle” that tee into a cool new purse or handbag, grocery bag, big soft tote… the possibilities are endless… Repurposed T-Shirt Market Bags Great for beginners, Deborah Schlegel’s market tote (shown… [read more]

Just when you thought it was all over, at last… the bacon obsession is back! (You can blame Diane for this… again.) High Society Bacon Be the envy of some when you sport the original Uncle Oinker’s bacon-scented bacon print tuxedo ($99.95 at McPhee.com). The bacon tuxedo is cunningly tailored from chemically treated latex print fabric to smell “just like… [read more]

I’ve just been introduced to an interesting little company called Five Humans. Besides having a great name going for them, they’ve got a great mission statement, the “self appointed task of curing ignorance through hip, fashionable clothing. Basically, Five Humans creates high-quality t-shirts that help you to raise awareness for a cause that’s important to you and your family —… [read more]

Who says that Twitter is a waste of time? Hey, I discovered Fierce Hugs there today! Fierce Hugs is a little company that specializes in ethical and affordable organic cotton baby tees and onesies. These are original designs by two independent artists: Dagmar Meinders from The Netherlands, and Silvia Osella from Torino, Italy, whose work includes the Confused Cloud illustration… [read more]

DJ reminds me that one of his all-time favourite T-shirt dealers is teaming up with the Dewey Donation System — “Helping Books Find Libraries Since 2003” — to help buy some much-needed books for public libraries. He’s Dewey! He’s a decimal! He’s got book hair! Here’s the deal: Buy a fine jersey Dewey shirt from Glarkware, and they’ll donate 100%… [read more]

It almost breaks my heart that this clever emoticon T-shirt doesn’t exist yet! Have a Day is a submission by a guy called Elbeardo to the on-going T-shirt design contest over at Threadless.com — where they give away something like $2000 in cash and prizes to 4-6 lucky winners every month. Isn’t this a great design? So simple, and yet… [read more]