6 Easy Bags to Sew or Crochet from Recycled T-Shirts

Want to keep the summer memories alive, but your fav souvenir T-shirt is past its “best before” date? With just a few basic sewing or crochet skills, you can “upcycle” that tee into a cool new purse or handbag, grocery bag, big soft tote… the possibilities are endless… (more…)

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Fashion Speaks for Autistic Kids

child in autism awareness tee shirt I’ve just been introduced to an interesting little company called Five Humans. Besides having a great name going for them, they’ve got a great mission statement, the “self appointed task of curing ignorance through hip, fashionable clothing.

Basically, Five Humans creates high-quality t-shirts that help you to raise awareness for a cause that’s important to you and your family — like the plight of autistic children, or cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart disease…

Cool Mom Picks says it best:

“When there’s a cause near and dear to my heart, I have no problems letting my child’s chest be a billboard for raising awareness.”

No kid? No worries — T-shirts from Five Humans come in adult sizes, so grown-up men and women can be useful and fashionable billboards for a good cause, too.

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