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Colorful snake draft stoppers with ribbon tongues

Not everyone likes snakes, I know that — but here’s a little fellow who has a lot of appeal — to the eye, the ankles, and the bank account. The stuffed fabric “door snake” is a character-driven version of the traditional door draft stoppers, both energy-saving and fun. Those of us who live in old houses know all too well… [read more]

You know how at the start of each year we all seem to resolve to be better? (For some reason — although some of us really don’t like resolutions! — it just happens!) We’re going to be greener, more frugal, more efficient, free of clutter and confusion, and just generally a better human being? Yeah. Well. I’ve got something like… [read more]

Blue Paper Snowflake free printable

This year, the holidays are going to be especially tough for a lot of families – so what better time to rediscover the true meaning of the season, sitting down with the kids to create new traditions of creative crafts? Here’s a round-up of wonderful ideas, free patterns, and tutorials for frugal holiday decorations that you can make yourself… [read more]

True, it can cost a lot to give candy to all the neighbourhood kids on Halloween night. But if money’s tight, and you simply haven’t got the budget to buy off the pranksters (some of whom really will splatter your home with rotten eggs — or worse — if you don’t “shell out” ), there are a couple of things you can do to save money. First, here’s what NOT to do…

As for decorating your place for Halloween on the cheap —

“Decorate your home and yard with everyday items and almost-trash, like leftover candle stubs and toilet-paper ghosts,” the glossy magazines tell you.

Right. Not.

Who was the genius to suggest that lighted candles and paper products were a good mix? Now throw in gangs of rambling trick-or-treating kids wearing capes and robes and all manner of flammable costumes? Uh-uh.

One of the best things about Halloween is that it’s a night to let fantasy run free… So instead of money, why not spend a bit of creativity? Sometimes those quick homemade Halloween costumes can be the best costumes, if the ideas are good ones.

Do you know about Alltop.com? It’s sort of a “digital magazine rack” serving up the “best of the best” news stories from across the Internet. Sounds impressive, no? All the cool kids hang out there — and now, it seems, you and I do too! Through some lucky oversight (or perhaps a computer melt-down somewhere?), Domestik Goddess has been tucked… [read more]