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Hannah singing, poster image derived from Hannahperforms by Mike Schmid from Hollywood, CA, USA (Revving Up The Crowd) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The not-so-coveted Hannah Montana holiday singing doll only knows one tune – she’ll belt out Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree until every adult in the house wants to smash the toy with a case of Tylenol bottles… [read more]

Baby book photograph album

We usually think of baby photograph albums as something like Granny’s “brag book,” stuffed with snaps of the adored new grandchild,  right?  Well, Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family and Friends is just a bit different – it is designed for Baby. More than a place to stash family photos, this unique photo album is almost a “developmental toy” for your… [read more]

You’d think that the Museum of Modern Art’s online shop (MOMA) would be all tasteful leather desk accessories and reprints of Old Masters, right? Not so! Clockwise from top left: Curved glasses in a rainbow of colours. Maybe not the best thing for your restorative orange juice on New Year’s Day morning, but a cheery sight in the winter kitchen… [read more]

Is there a more adorable mascot anywhere in the computer world than the goofy, cuddley, splay-footed penguin named Tux, who flies the Linux banner? We think not. And a plushie Tux can be yours… Grab the free Tux sewing pattern from Free-Penguin.org, see the creative penguins that others have made, and haul out your sewing gear… What better gift could… [read more]

Furniture for kids… or ride-on toys? Danish design firm bObles does geometric animal forms in child-safe firm foam, suitable for children’s furniture but “designed for creative play” in happy colours and friendly sturdy shapes to climb and roll and romp all over. Easy to see how those Romping Animals give free rein to a child’s imagination… they should be made… [read more]

Let’s blame a childhood of reading those Curious George books — who can resist a fresh clutch of giggly monkeys? Clockwise from upper left: The Chimp is an archival quality print by Shannon Brady at BlueFlip Art (h/t emma). S-shaped monkey hooks, set of 3 in brushed stainless steel, are by Bodie and Fou, found in their kitchen section. Multi-imprinting… [read more]