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Nothing can jazz up a simple outfit like the perfect scarf — but how do you wear a scarf right? This quick instructional video shows you how to wear a scarf 25 different ways, enough fashion inspiration to take you through a month of work days … [read more]


Sure, you could go get yourself a fancy-schmancy garlic peeler — but there’s another way to get the skin off your garlic, fast and easy! What’s the secret to peeling garlic? For one single garlic clove, pulled from the papery skin of a whole head of fresh garlic, you just place the clove on a flat surface and press firmly… [read more]

Man and woman dancing in clothing of the WWII era

In general, it’s women’s fashion that changes so dramatically from one year (or one season, even) to the next. Men’s clothing is much more difficult to pinpoint in time, for most of us, than women’s clothing. One at-a-glance clue to nailing down the timeline on fashion is to look at the style of women’s hats, as well as the hemlines… [read more]

recycled plastic bottle flower

Have you seen those fantasy faux-glass flowers made from recycled pop bottles? I mean the delicate fragile-looking twisty looking ones, like those the US-based artist Laura Astor) used to make.  Like this. (Note: these aren’t the Anthropologie-style of flowers that use the ends of the bottles. But there’s a great tutorial from Sonia at Kosmic Chai, if you’re looking for… [read more]

folded fabric sheets - lilac with white dots

Fitted sheets are an invention of wondrous convenience when you’re making the bed, but not so much on laundry day! We’ve all got the one clever friend who really knows how to fold a fitted sheet — flip, tuck, fluff, fold, and hey-presto! Elastic corners are tucked out of sight, and the recalcitrant fitted sheet’s now a tidy little well-behaved… [read more]

white house with verandah

Who let the dogs out? It doesn’t matter! because… He Who Hogs The Power Tools built us this very lovely wooden pet gate for our back porch (or “verandah,” as we usually call it), so the dogs can hang out in comfort and safety, while we do yard work or whatever. So, the dogs are free to go into the… [read more]

Multicolored wool in a basket

You think you’ve seen some truly disturbing crochet work over the years? If you haven’t checked out Patricia Waller’s works in crochet and other media, you ain’t seen what yarn + imagination is capable of. Chilean-born Patricia Waller, who now lives and works in Berlin, leapt to my notice with a 2009 art exhibition that raised eyebrows and spun headlines… [read more]