The Worst Advice Ev-ah!

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Looking back, there’s one heck of a lot of bad advice in life – and that’s only counting the pieces of advice we don’t have quite enough sense (or enough self-confidence?) to ignore at the time.  Not even talking about fortune cookies, here, or the bright ideas your Facebook friends can come up with for you to do. (more…)

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Wild Hippie Woman

If you haven’t already met Claudia through her crystal-wit comments scattered about on Domestik Goddess, you might want to do yourself the favour of going to Dragonfly Dreaming to meet her now.

Dragonfly Dreaming Why?
Here’s why:

I am a wild hippie woman. Natural, loving, instinctual, endangered, untamed, playful, fierce, inquisitive, artistic, intellectual, spirited, nurturing, unconquerable, melodramatic, universal and just a little bit insane. ~ Claudia

The proof is in the writing.

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6 Story Words, 5 Clint Eastwood Impressions and 3 Writing Tips: it's a Me Me Me Meme Soup

Of all the various freelance writing jobs I do in real life, my all-time least favourite task is to write the little blurb for the back cover of a book. Succinct is not my forte. I am a natural-born babbler, as those who move through my life will know (to the detriment of their ears and patience).

Another thing I really strongly dislike is to impose (or attempt to impose) my will upon others. I say please a lot, and thank you even more — the way more forthright souls might sprinkle their conversation with colourful expletives.

Colour me pathetic.

So of course I am vaguely appalled (and yet, truly, flattered) whenever I am tagged for a meme — especially since they do, by definition, tend to require tagging someone else…

I dither.
I procrastinate.
And eventually I fall back on the tried-and-true:


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