Teddy Bear Cookies What could be more cute than teddy bears for a little kid’s birthday party theme? Dariana of Diva Diner shares the recipe for Teddy Bear Cookies: There’s just one batch of cookie dough to mix up — the secret is melted chocolate to colour one part of the vanilla dough. I love her idea of using the tines of a fork to mark the little bears’ claws. You can skip the eyes and mouth if you’re short on time, or decorate them up even more with a touch of icing if you’re feeling ambitious…

p.s. – While you’re browsing the tasty menu over at the Diva Diner, don’t miss Dariana’s recipe for Baseball Cap Cupcakes, perfect for a sports theme birthday party.

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  1. domestika

    I thought those cookies of yours were so cute, Dariana — and so inventive!

    Thanks for the kind words, too: you know I’m a fan of your kitchen creativity! That pumpkin torte you’ve got going there now, for example…. yummmmm!

  2. Dariana

    Hey, thanks for the credit. Aren’t those little bears just the cutest? And yummy too! What a great blog you have. Have a great weekend.

  3. mffnman

    Yum! Cookies look like the snack for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic birthday party for my little girl.

  4. All Blog Spots

    nice blog, keep the good work going :)

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