When I’ve got more guests than my (heirloom) white Wedgewood dinnerware can accomodate, I stretch it out with pieces of vintage china in a mix-and-match kind of way.

Point Dinnerware collection from celebrity chef Thomas KellerPatterns are pretty, but if you choose all-white dinnerware you can change the whole mood of your dining room as quickly as you can change the linen.

And that just makes good sense — fine china is an investment, but you’ll probably want to redecorate every few years as style change…

No, you can’t go wrong with a pure white set of dishes — and here’s a beauty!

The Point Dinnerware collection from celebrity chef Thomas Keller is handcrafted by Raynaud in France using pure white Limoges porcelain. Most of the pieces feature extra-wide rims to showcase the cuisine, so you can really get into playing Master Chef in style. Luxury and convenience, together — every piece (except those with stainless steel knobs) is microwave and dishwasher safe.

As beautiful to look at as it is to use, this is the ultimate restaurateur’s dinnerware collection. Selected pieces include egg cups, plates and domed covers, quenelle dishes, and sculptural spoons.

The collection is available online at Gracious Style.

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