honeycomb cardboard design desk top - laurence rassinThis paperclip-chain artist would give her left ear to sit at a wild designer desk like this one, and just let those creative juices flow in style! It’s more than a desk, more than eco-friendly decor, more than art or the opportunity for making art… it’s cardboard! (And thanks to the miracle of recycled fibres and clever furniture designers, here’s durable beauty for which no trees died.)

It is constructed with 21/2 inch honeycomb shaped corrugated cardboard. It’s designed with a shelf below your nice big desktop to keep it free from all the endless clutter accumulated [CD’s, rulers, bills, piles of paper, magazines, big ideas or phone #’s on napkins etc…]

The adhesives used for gluing the materials are derived from from natural sources. The end result is fully recyclable and ecologically friendly product.

honeycomb cardboard design deskDesk55 is by Cardboard Design and comes in plain brown, easy-to-assemble (like a great big puzzle) pieces. honeycomb cardboard design desk side - laurence rassin

This particular blow-your-little-mind colorification, as seen at House & Garden’s Hampton Designer Showhouse, is by Laurence Rassin.

Cardboard, yes, but the desk is made to last and holds an astonishing amount of weight. Now, I’m not saying “Go, dance on the table” or anything, but I’ve read about this cardboard furniture somewhere quite recently (possibly in one of my beekeeping mags?) and it’s a miracle of design — as is the inspiration behind the engineering: the natural wax comb built by honeybees.

They say that honeycomb is the most structurally sound formation there is, and having looked at an awful lot of honeycomb straight from the hive, I’m inclined to believe it even if the engineering principles are a bit beyond me.

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So there you go.
Honeycomb cardboard furniture!

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