glass tiles change color with heatImagine that! Tiles that change color!

This is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen this season for home reno products — kudos to GardenStew‘s Eccentric Gnome for spotting it and spreading the word.

The glass tiles come in four styles, Northern Lights, Watercolors, and my personal favourite, Tye Dye.

That last one seems kind of appropriate, somehow — when warm water hits the movingcolor walls of this shower stall, it’s gotta be practically the domestic equivalent of cruising Jimi Hendrix in a room full of peacock feathers and rainbows…

Because these tiles are heat-activated, that gives rise to all kinds of decor ideas! I’m wondering now about an installation in a sunroom — maybe a long windowsill, changing colour in a kind of ripple effect as the sun changes angles through the day?

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