Quite apart from the bad pun in its name (c’mon, admit that you smiled!), the “Miss Army Kit” is the next-coolest thing to… to… to that Swissbit Swissmemory gizmo that mates all the traditional utility-knife gadgetry with a handy USB drive. But Swissbit’s not exactly ultra femme, is it?

Moving on…

“Just think, armed with your very own Miss Army Kit you can file your nails, fix a button, open a bottle of Pinot, pluck your eyebrows, crack open a beer and even draw a comedy moustache on that piccy of your ex before cutting it up into itty bitty pieces. If you want. The point is Miss Army Kit is spectacularly versatile. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.”

Miss Army Kit is indisputably the Ultimate Girly Gizmo — contains “everything you need to solve everyday emergencies” including nail file, tweezers, safety pin, needle and thread, mirror, flashlight, scissors, mini-knife, screwdriver, ruler, pen, key chain, corkscrew, bottle opener, pill box, and perfume bottle.

Miss Army Kit pink multitool pocket knifeUpdated:  Sadly, this crave-worthy item of girly gear is discontinued.  We shall all have to make do with a pink Swiss Army knife – oh, and slip a tiny pocket mirror into a pocket. (You’re on your own with alternative to the teensy perfume bottle.)  Because it is so important to see how good you look while you do the hardy DIY prepper chick thing or go camping in a totally non-glamping way. You know, roughing it in the bush.  With your cool pink gear.

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  1. domestika

    Thanks for the kind words, Kate of Secret Ingredients! Hope you enjoy today’s mini-rant on beets – not that I’m really complaining about the sudden deluge of free vegetables, just feeling lazy! Hmm, I bet you’ve got some great beet recipes…
    ;-) Jen

  2. Kate

    How cool is that! Finally a tool for women that is feminine and useful- yay! Jen, I’m a new reader to your blog, and I’m loving it.

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