I half-believe in sea serpents, now! You see, a lively little half-hour documentary had me glued to the television set last night. It was called Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic, part of a series hosted by Gordon Pinsent and produced — in Newfoundland, as I recall — by Pope Productions. Nicely done, it linked the old sailors’ tales with more recent sightings of mysterious sea creatures, and raised all sorts of questions about what really might lurk in the unknown depths of the dark and mysterious ocean… And it brought to mind this fun little article of Terri Seymour’s, which talks about the wonders we’d like to believe…

The Wonder Of It All!
by Terri Seymour

When I was a child, I used to be fascinated with the mythical monsters and legends such as Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, UFOs and all legendary mysteries. Now, as an adult, they continue to make me wonder and awake in me feelings of awe and mystical appeal.

Bigfoot, being my all time favorite, lives in remote areas of the U.S. and has been allegedly sighted by many. He is an apelike creature standing much taller than man, but with humanlike qualities. He is a gentle creature and will avoid man as much as possible.

The Abominable Snowman is similar to Bigfoot, but lives high in the Himalayan Mountains and has white hair/fur as opposed to brown like Bigfoot.

Although some claim that there is actual evidence of UFOs confiscated by the US Military, there is still much doubt surrounding the possibility of such machines. The way I look at it is, if we are here, others can be out there also, right?

What about ghosts? Many people have claimed to see, speak to or hear ghosts of the dead. Can they be real or just our minds playing tricks on us? I have heard what could be considered to be a ghost by some people.

We lived in an old farm house when our first son was only 2 years old. My husband worked nights so I was alone with our son. One night I was laying awake waiting for my husband, when I heard the door open. My husband (or so I thought) came in and sat down at the kitchen table. I heard the footsteps come in and the chair scrape the floor. I then realized it was not time for my husband to be home yet. After awhile of not hearing anything, I summoned the courage to go to the kitchen. Nothing!

I know I heard the sounds. I was awake, they did not awaken me. Some people say it was the former owner, who was long dead, coming in from milking the cows. The present owners also report hearing strange noises quite often.

I do not know if I heard a ghost or not, but I know that we do not know everything and there are plenty of things in this universe that are beyond our understanding!

Allow yourself to be absorbed into the wonder of it all and do not close your minds to new and exciting ideas and possibilities. Without mystery, folklore, suspense, legends and myths, life would be lacking a certain magic that would trap us all into eternal ignorance!

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