Vincent Leman stacked cabinet Cabinet below and shelf unit above, Vincent Leman‘s “Stacked Cabinet No.4: The Acrobats” is one of the Dust Furniture series at Artful Home. Done up in Baltic birch plywood and painted in tasteful tones, it would work as brilliantly in a traditional decor as in an eclectic or modern setting.

The designer was really thinking when he came up with this furniture piece: it has adjustable feet, in case your floor is not entirely level. (Just imagine having a bit of a wobble on a curvy cabinet like this, and maybe a glass of wine or two inside you!) Bonus: you could count on the top of the shelf staying free of clutter!

And of course I am reminded of those funky jewellery boxes and mini-cabinets by Masterpiece Cabinets… and now I’m wondering, who else is playing off the straight-and-narrow with their cabinetwork these days? Have you seen more wonky wonders, in your travels?

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  1. Pinhole

    I’m not sure about this surreal trend in decor…do you think “Earl?” would approve?

  2. silken

    Very Cool! But I think if I woke up to that it would make me throw-up. Lol

  3. iris

    hi! i like your site. it’s really clean and very easy to read. and i like the stuff you’ve featured so far, especially this drunk cabinet :) i wonder if it followed the original shape of the tree it came from.

  4. Moonshadow

    Awsome furniture! My first thought when your page came up was Dr Suess also. The grandkids would love this stuff.

  5. bluepaintred

    ZOMG!! those are awesome! its too bad they cost so darn much, but then again, all the stuff I think is rocking cool costs a fortune!

    I wish My hubs was more into wood working, I;d make him try and replicate those for our house!

  6. Erin

    That is one really cool piece of furniture! Reminds of something from out of a Dr Suess book!

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