Speaking about foods that are bad for you, how about a candy that is made primarily of sugar and butter?

So says Kate Hopkins, over at The Accidental Hedonist, immediately before dangling a mouth-watering toffee recipe in front of us all. English Toffee with almonds in it and everything!

It reminds me somewhat of a traditional Christmas candy recipe that dates back at least to the mid-1800s or earlier, that’s still very popular here in Maritime Canada. For good reason, too — homemade toffee is a very very tasty temptation. Here’s the recipe exactly as I got from my mother:

Fredericton Walnut Toffee


1/2 cup small walnut pieces

1 1/3 cup dark brown sugar, lightly packed

1 cup butter

3 squares of semi-sweet chocolate, grated fine


Spread the walnut pieces in a well-buttered 9-in square pan.

Mix together the brown sugar and the butter in a heavy pan and cook it over medium heat, stirring constantly but keeping it bubbling, for exactly 12 minutes.

Pour the hot toffee quickly and evenly over the nuts. Sprinkle the grated chocolate on top, working quickly to spread the melting chocolate while the toffee is hot. Sprinkle with very fine pieces of walnuts.

Chill. Break into pieces to serve.

Just don’t even bother trying to count calories during the holidays, that’s my advice. We can spend all of January jogging around the block between mouthfuls of salad.

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