Chinese fire dragon hand-painted toilet seatIt just occurs to me that it’s been a few months since I saw a really attractive custom toilet seat. Fortunately, here’s one now! The Chinese fire dragon wriggles over this screaming red toilet-seat, a Nina Valkhoff original. The bold image is hand-painted on a solid wood toilet seat with oil paints, then finished with 5 protective layers of glossy marine-grade varnish.

If the dragon toilet seat isn’t quite your style, Valkhoff also does a beautiful Delft-inspired blue-and-white pattern… or a saucy pinup girl… or a tribute to Laurel and Hardy. You can even have a toilet seat personalized with images from your family photo album, if you like. My great-aunt Daisy would have enjoyed that idea enormously… Me, I’m not so sure I could perform the necessary bathroom functions in the presence of my entire gene pool. But I do like this dragon a whole lot.

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  1. domestika

    Bloggrrl, when you say “giant roach” – I almost can’t believe I’m asking this, but we are talking about toilet seat art here – do you mean your grandfather embedded the stub-end of a doob in a see-through toilet seat? :-D

  2. Bloggrrl

    My grandfather was an artist, and once he made a toilet seat entirely out of acrylic with some weird stuff embedded in it. One of the things was a giant roach, right in the middle. I was so bummed that I didn’t inherit it.

    I never thought I’d ever say this again, but “Cool toilet seat!”.

  3. domestika

    Set in on the top of a large bowl or such, Pinhole, to make a serving dish for chips and pretzels – then you’d have a conversation piece for sure!! ;-)

  4. Pinhole

    I’m not sure I’d want to place anything vital near that thing. It would be quite a conversation piece on the wall of my living room, though.

  5. silken

    That is….hm….WOW!

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