It’s easy to create a professional-looking  torn-edge effect,  to use when you’re scrapbooking or making greeting cards, gift tags, or other torn paper crafts — even some amazing art.

The trick is how to get the shape you want without the hard edge you get from cutting with scissors, right?  For a handcrafted or vintage appeal, nothing is quite like the soft frayed edge of paper that you tear into shape, but only if you manage to get it torn right.  Well, here’s how to do it:

3 Easy Steps

1. Start with a good quality paper. (Off-white parchment is great for gift tags when layered over a patterned or dark-coloured piece of paper, by the way!)

2.  Set it in lukewarm water. (You want it to be completely moist but not soaked.)

3.  Pat off any extra water, then gently tear out the shape you need.

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It’s just that easy to get a great effect with torn paper edges for all of your paper craft projects!

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