Hip urban toddlers can now play make-believe sushi bar, when the dolly’s tea party scene starts to get old.

Make room in the toy box for an updated version of the classic wooden alphabet blocks— sushi blocks, all cunningly packed in a painted bento box just like the real food! Wooden Sushi Play Set toy

Three types of sushi rice (nigiri, oshi, and maki) pieces come with shrimp, tuna, salmon roe, and egg pieces. Ginger, wasabi, and a dish of shoyu (soy sauce) are included, along with chopsticks, a play cleaver, and a menu. And the most fun, is that when you slice use your sushi rolls, the velcro keeping them together makes a realistic “chopping sound”.

Melissa & Doug‘s clever Wooden Sushi Play Set is $20 at Oliebollen. This toy is suggested for children ages 3 and older.

[via www.nicoandzoe.com via hotmomsclub.com]

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