Not that any of us live in the sort of 1930s noir film where people always seem to be shattering the glassware against a wall to make a darkly dramatic point — right? — but there’s something to be said for a vase that will bounce!

The material can give the impression of fragile ceramics but the dazzling colours leave no doubt that this is a funky product great to have at home for those seeking something completely different and modern!

If you have a few active kids chasing around…
or big clumsy dogs with happy tails…
or even just one cool and intelligent cat who likes to check if you’re paying attention… Henriette Melchiorsen’s new rubber vase is in 2 sizes and 5 bright color choices, at Bodie and Fou.

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  1. domestika

    I hear you, Skellie! We’re just blessed with barn cats at the moment, but I well remember one handsome grey house cat who would get up on my dresser and just whip my loose coins across the room onto my bed (with me in it, peacefully sleeping), when he felt it was time to get up in the morning!

  2. Skellie

    My cat is the biggest threat to the vases in my house… he just loves raised surfaces like tables, mantle-pieces, and other places vases tend to live!

  3. silken

    great idea, and it looks great too

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