If there’s one secret to happiness in this life, I think, it’s the ability to create something new of your own.

pencil crayons - photo by Christian Kitazume To snatch an idea from thin air, turn it around, and make it your own. To capture that small spark in time and space…

Whatever the means — writing, painting, sculpting, sewing, photography, crafting, filmmaking, music, scrapbooking, cooking, dance, gardening, popsicle-stick construction, or restoring antique automobiles, whatever the means of expression

Creativity is as essential to human life as… as… as a well-rounded diet and a good night’s sleep.

The most unhappy people I’ve met are those who have made no place for creativity in their lives. Perhaps the imagination that we’re all born with as children was repressed, somehow, along the way… Or perhaps they are simply paralyzed by adult insecurity?

Because I do firmly believe that every child is born a creative and original being. One of the best gifts we can give ourselves as adults is permission to create, to let that child’s imagination come out to play and express itself. That way lies joy and personal fulfillment.

To keep poking myself out of my own creative rut, one of my regular visits is to the Creativity Portal. You never know what you’ll find there — inspiration and information and encouragement, all in there together.

This week, I found Dan Goodwin there.

I liked what he had to say, signed up for his newsletter, and downloaded his free Explode Your Creativity! e-book.

Here’s a sample of Dan’s coaching style, just to whet your appetite:

Unleash Your Creativity —
7 Common Creative Blocks & How To Overcome Them

by Dan Goodwin

As anyone creative knows, being able to unleash your creativity is often easier said than done.

Being more creative would come more readily if it wasn’t for the many different types of creative block we experience as artists and creative people.

But there is hope, and many ways to deal with these creative blocks.

The first step, as with anything that holds us back, is to recognise the block for what it is, throw a light on it, rip off its mask, get it out in the open.

Once we can see what we’re dealing with, part of its power and negative impact is already reduced.

So here are 7 common creative blocks and how you can begin to recognise and overcome them.

Creative Block 1: “I have no new ideas”.
You feel like every idea you come up with is just the same as your previous ones, or worse it’s only a weak imitation of a previous one.

Solution: If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something completely different. Radically change one element at least – the medium you’re creating in, the style you’re using, the time you create, where you create. Shake up your routine and see what difference it makes to your creativity and ideas.

Creative Block 2: “I’m scared to create something different”.
You feel stuck and limited in what you create but fear trying something different in case it turns out to be disappointing.

Solution: You don’t know until you try. Maybe by writing haikus for a while instead of another novel, you’ll discover a whole new side to your creativity and add a deeper dimension when you return to your previous type of work.

Creative Block 3: “I don’t know how to create anymore”.
Maybe it’s been a while – weeks, months, even years – since you last created and you fear you’ve lost the ability.

Solution: Start small and create regularly. Whatever your main creative medium, by committing to a daily journal entry, poem or sketch, and building up the amount you create, you’ll slowly and surely rediscover your creativity.

Creative Block 4: “My work isn’t good enough”.
You don’t create because you’re always disappointed in your work or feel others will be.

Solution: Let go of perfectionism! One of the most dangerous creativity killers is trying to create perfectly. Aim instead to create the best expression of your creativity at this time and then move onwards and upwards to your next creative project.

Creative Block 5: “I don’t know what to create.”
You have so many ideas and possible projects, you’re just overwhelmed and don’t know where to put your energy and focus first.

Solution: The best place to start is somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start, just start. Whenever you’re creating, you’re evolving and learning about yourself. Pick one project, commit to give it your best for 2 weeks then review and either continue with it or take what you’ve learnt to a new project.

Creative Block 6: “I always mess up my creative projects”.
You feel afraid of creating more because you don’t want to make a mess or “waste” your artist materials or time.

Solution: Often, the joy of creating is in the messy bits! If we never mess up, make mistakes, or create outside our comfort zone, we never progress. Making a mess in the short term leads to a greater knowledge of your creativity in the long term, and therefore more rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable work.

Creative Block 7: “I never finish a creative project, why bother starting?”.
You have a string of unfinished projects hidden away in dark cupboards and are stuck between feeling you should finish them and wanting to start something new.

Solution: You don’t have to finish projects if they’re not working. It’s braver to actually realise that this isn’t the right project for you right now, take what you’ve learnt and apply to something you’re more into, than to freeze up and stop creating altogether. It’s not failure, it’s good self awareness.

These are just 7 of the most common creative blocks we experience.

How many have you been affected by in your creative life?

What steps can you take TODAY to identify just one of these blocks and help you unleash your creativity?

One great step you can take to learn more about how to unleash YOUR creativity is by signing up to “Create Create!” – Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin’s free twice monthly ezine. Do it today, and get your FREE copy of the “Explode Your Creativity!” Action Workbook, at www.CoachCreative.com.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dan_Goodwin
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  1. Pam

    What a great post. I’ve often wondered how much happier and healthier we’d all be if we made time for creativity in our lives and listened to our inner muse. Back in my grad school days, I actually wrote a paper on how spending most of your waking life in a routine and mundane kind of job can stifle creativity and impact mental health and spirit. This makes me want to go dig in my pile of old papers and find that one : ).

  2. domestika

    New ideas in marketing = a good thing, for sure.

  3. Lacey

    Thats a great post. I work in the marketing department of my company and I always look for new ideas. Budgeting for Our Wedding

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