I blame Botticelli’s Venus. Just look at the mythical creature, standing there so coy on her halfshell and looking like she’s made of alabaster — no way those smooth pale limbs could ever sprout a single misplaced hair, let alone the furry forest of neglect that is a side-effect of long Northern winters!

Cold weather, long underwear, you get the picture…

Venus Embrace razor girl on beach Truly, unless there’s a hot midwinter romance going on, the whole tedious business of shaving legs is likely to be allowed to slide a bit…

Like, oh, until the first hint of Spring and impending bathing-suit season… or until the Swag Fairy sends a new razor to review, whichever comes first.

So, listen up here!

I rushed the deforestation season by at least three weeks, just for you — just to be able to give you the firsthand scoop on Gillette’s new ‘flagship’ razor for women.

Good stuff first —

• I like the soft gel handle in perky green and blue colours, easy to hold onto when your hands are all soapy.

• I like the five blades that do, as advertised, catch virtually every hair on the first pass.

• I like the way the head so obligingly tilts to follow one’s womanly curves.

• And I like how easy it is to change blades, with the push of a button.

Venus Embrace ShowerpodBut I’ve got some serious reservations about the companion ShowerPod…

The theory of the ShowerPod is fine:
It’s a little plastic gizmo that attaches to your shower wall, to conveniently store the extra blades and save last-minute wet dripping tip-toeing across the bathroom floor when you find yourself in the shower with a dull razor. And the razor itself hangs up on the outside, all tidy and out of the way.

Yes, I pressed the ShowerPod against a clean flat section of wall — heck, I even cleaned a section for the purpose — but would it stay stuck up there?


Invasion of the Bodysnatchers 1956 movie still The third time the ShowerPod crashed down on my foot, the drive-in movie flashbacks started up. Remember Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

I’m as big a fan of science-fiction flicks as the next person, but there’s a new rule around here: no pods in the comfort and privacy of my bath, thanks very much!

(The occasional well-mannered Wookiee, perhaps.)

Okay, so maybe I’ve got a few suction cup issues. They’ve just never worked for me — ever. And I’ve got a trail of broken glass suncatchers behind me, to prove it…

Bottom line?

It’s a good razor for a fair price, and what more can one ask? But I’d love to see it packaged without the ShowerPod, for those of us who are happy enough to live by razor alone. The way I see it, even if you’ve got better luck with suction cups than I do, it’s just another plastic thingummie to have to clean around in the shower stall.

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  1. domestika

    I have it on reliable authority that earlier versions of the Evil Pod were equipped with sticky strips instead of suction cups, which turns out to be less likely to crash down in the bath but still not a great idea – once stuck on the wall, getting a stuck-on unit to come off again is apparently quite a challenge. So, that explains why Gilette went with the suction cups for the new-and-improved Shower Pod… but nothing’s going to make me a fan of that thing!

  2. Claudia

    I can’t even get my shower mat to suction to the bottom of my tub. The only thing I seem to be able to get to stick around here are pounds on my hips. Now market THAT and stick your razors in it and we’re all set.

  3. lilyruth

    very interesting article, good to learn about these things.

  4. Alexys Fairfield

    Very nice post. It made my hair stand on end. Definitely on the cutting edge. ;D

  5. buffy

    I didnt attach my showerpod either (seems to be the trend here) but I must say if you’re a little ‘over grown’ you’ll need the replacement blade before your leave the shower! Damn winter and those mohair stockings…they’ll blunt a blade in seconds!

  6. Sharon

    Thanks for bringing things forward to give us this warts and all review, Jen. I think I’d skip the showerpod too – I don’t need more cleaning. Those suction cups can get filthy.

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