Imagine — it’s 1927, and newsboys are shouting the word on the street: Charles Lindbergh has mastered the impossible. In that frail aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis, he made the first non-stop solo trans-Atlantic flight…

1920s style CD player - SOSL Collection

Got a vintage 1920s home, lovingly restored to reflect that breathless era of glamour, adventure and invention?

The period home deserves more than a mod iPod dock on the side table to pump out your mood music, or even a discreet black box with speakers.

Posh Prezzies’ Spirit of St. Louis collection of home technology products is crafted to replicate the style of Lindbergh-era gadgets, all fascinating knobs and shiny dials and rich wood details. 1920s style CD player - SOSL Collection - closeup

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Each CD player or clock radio in the collection is an evocation of the Golden Age of romance — when Old Hollywood reigned — when luxury ocean liners and velvet-cushioned ralway cars were the height of travel style — and when a human voice carried across the airwaves was still as miraculous as man’s ability to take flight across the Atlantic.

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  1. h. b.

    how much r these worth? can you get a new wood front/ handle?

  2. Anne Maybus

    That is so cool! I love the way you have written about it too. You have set the mood of the era really well. What a clever idea this is for people who love their modern music systems but don’t want them taking over their period nomes.

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