It happens from time to time… you get a newsletter or read a trendy self-improvement book, and there’s some organizer trying to tell you that one essential step to a new-and-improved domestic lifetstle is to clear everything (except perhaps a small family message board) off the front of your fridge…

Vintage Bottlecap Fridge MagnetsWell, I beg to differ with that advice! In fact, I’ve gotta stand by the words of The Naughty Secretary Club —
Don’t leave your fridge feeling naked!

In fact, why not treat your hard-working refrigerator to a set of unique fridge magnets?

Each set of 10 is different with a variety of retro bottle caps ranging from Orange Crush to Imitation Diet Squirt. Each metal bottle cap has been lined with cork and attached to a super strong magnet. A must have for the retro kitchen.

Decorative and functional, for those of us who organize our entire lives with slips of paper on the front of a major kitchen appliance…

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