Pictures speak louder than words.
And that’s a good thing… because I don’t even know where to begin to describe Fiona’s “Experiments in paper, fabric and anything mixed media,” over at The Decorated Surface.

Experiments in paper, fabric, mixed media art - The Decorated Surface

See the Vintage Children on fabric pages, which stole my heart. And for pure inspiration, those Little White Inchies — tiny perfect bits of white-on-white fabric collage, just one inch square.

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  1. domestika

    You’re right, delia – some artists are amazing! But anyone can have a whole lot of fun with mixed-media collage, putting together the bits and pieces that interest you and moving them around to see what different arrangements might look like. It’s a bit like scrapbooking, in a way, if you’re into that…

  2. delia

    I like the picture but I dont evr know what to do with something like these. Some people can make it look so good LOL

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