If you’ve got a sports fan on your gift list, here’s something just a bit different: ReplayPhotos.com offers college sports fans, students, and graduates of 29 universities around the United States a rare selection of over 10,000 campus, athletic and historical photos. Until recently, many of the images have been locked away in filing cabinets for years!

vintage college sports photographsEach school has its own photo gallery. Images include some of collegiate sports most memorable moments, historical black-and-white images, and a comprehensive collection of campus photography.

The website allows visitors to quickly browse through categories of photos such as men’s and women’s sports, campus landmarks and university traditions, while dynamic online framing allows each picture to be constructed in a combination of frames and mats. Visitors are able to design and see each piece before purchasing, ensuring that it fits any space just right.

Replay Photos hosts photo galleries for 29 Division I universities, including Iowa, LSU, Ohio State, UNC, Penn State, Purdue, Texas A&M, Villanova, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin. For a complete lists of schools visit www.replayphotos.com.

Best yet, the royalties that are paid back to the universities and colleges on these vintage photos are often used by the schools to benefit their athletic programs and scholarship funds. Could be a winning gift for the Big Man On Campus.

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