There’s just something about the idea of dressing up babies in soy fiber clothing that appeals to me — let’s not look into that too closely, shall we? — and I believe I’ve mentioned the BabySoy line before, a while back.

Well, we’re about ready for another dose of eco-friendly cuteness, for 2 reasons.

One, because BabySoy’s coming out with a new colour palette (eggplant)… a purple that’s much nicer than it sounds.

BabySoy eggplant purple jumpsuit


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Reason number 2 for the baby gear browsing and gushing:

Your friendly neighbour Domestik Goddess in the final stretches of the exciting countdown to the arrival of the New Baby Great-Niece!

Yes, that’s right — great-niece, as in daughter of my adored and adorable big tall nephew….
(Wait, should that be grand-niece? Anyone know?)

How exciting is that?
Quite apart from making Auntie feel older-than-dirt, of course…

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  1. domestika

    @twinks — Don’t do that to me!! That’s how rumours get started…

    To clarify, for the benefit of speedreaders:
    My NEPHEW (and his partner) are the parents-to-be, soon to be armpit-deep in diapers… I’m going to be the adoring great-Auntie. (You know, the one who’ll get to spoil and play with the little tyke, then send her back home all wired and cranky!)

  2. twinks on the way.. congrats!
    thanks for dropping your card in my Entrecard.
    btw, love the purple colour.. my fave :] nice blog u got here.

  3. kellypea

    Timeless, Jen. Not older than dirt. Heaven forbid!

  4. Pinhole

    Seems you’ve been doing a lot of waiting, lately. I hope the world catches up to you soon.

  5. domestika

    @Claudia, dear, just lie down and have a sip of wine until that twitch passes!

    @HotMama Mathe, thanks! I must say, I’m just as happy that it’s my nephew’s partner who gets to do the actual delivery – the fun bit is waiting with open arms to receive the new arrival!

    @Lis, ah, good, thanks much – I just knew that someone would be able to set me straight on the right term!

  6. Lis

    I think the daughter of your nephew would be your grandniece.

  7. HotMama Mathe

    Hi! Domestik Goddess! Just dropping by from EntreCard. Am glad you dropped your card into my site. Otherwise I would not have discovered your wonderful blog.

    I hope you will have a safe delivery.

    Good day!

  8. Claudia

    Gah, you just made my womb twitch. * covers eyes * I don’t need another baby, I don’t need another baby, I don’t need another baby….

  9. domestika

    baby in nest Funny you should mention bamboo, Sonia – for newborn infants, I really like the bamboo line at Beba Bean, best known for the world-famous Pee-Pee Teepee — and anyone who’s ever changed the diaper on a baby boy won’t have to ask what that little item is for!

  10. Sonia Simone

    Super cute! I love that color.

    Have you run across any great bamboo stuff for babies? I wish a high-quality, eco-friendly company like Hanna Anderssen would do bamboo. I would promptly bankrupt myself on it, of course.

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