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Waiting for Baby (with Soy)

There’s just something about the idea of dressing up babies in soy fiber clothing that appeals to me — let’s not look into that too closely, shall we? — and I believe I’ve mentioned the BabySoy line before, a while back.

Well, we’re about ready for another dose of eco-friendly cuteness, for 2 reasons.

One, because BabySoy’s coming out with a new colour palette (eggplant)… a purple that’s much nicer than it sounds.

BabySoy eggplant purple jumpsuit


Reason number 2 for the baby gear browsing and gushing:

Your friendly neighbour Domestik Goddess in the final stretches of the exciting countdown to the arrival of the New Baby Great-Niece!

Yes, that’s right — great-niece, as in daughter of my adored and adorable big tall nephew….
(Wait, should that be grand-niece? Anyone know?)

How exciting is that?
Quite apart from making Auntie feel older-than-dirt, of course…

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  • domestika 2008/03/10, 9:24 am

    @twinks — Don’t do that to me!! That’s how rumours get started…

    To clarify, for the benefit of speedreaders:
    My NEPHEW (and his partner) are the parents-to-be, soon to be armpit-deep in diapers… I’m going to be the adoring great-Auntie. (You know, the one who’ll get to spoil and play with the little tyke, then send her back home all wired and cranky!)

  • twinks 2008/03/10, 8:57 am

    wow..baby on the way.. congrats!
    thanks for dropping your card in my Entrecard.
    btw, love the purple colour.. my fave :] nice blog u got here.

  • kellypea 2008/03/09, 9:41 pm

    Timeless, Jen. Not older than dirt. Heaven forbid!

  • Pinhole 2008/03/09, 5:27 pm

    Seems you’ve been doing a lot of waiting, lately. I hope the world catches up to you soon.

  • domestika 2008/03/08, 9:36 am

    @Claudia, dear, just lie down and have a sip of wine until that twitch passes!

    @HotMama Mathe, thanks! I must say, I’m just as happy that it’s my nephew’s partner who gets to do the actual delivery – the fun bit is waiting with open arms to receive the new arrival!

    @Lis, ah, good, thanks much – I just knew that someone would be able to set me straight on the right term!

  • Lis 2008/03/08, 8:35 am

    I think the daughter of your nephew would be your grandniece.

  • HotMama Mathe 2008/03/08, 5:15 am

    Hi! Domestik Goddess! Just dropping by from EntreCard. Am glad you dropped your card into my site. Otherwise I would not have discovered your wonderful blog.

    I hope you will have a safe delivery.

    Good day!

  • Claudia 2008/03/07, 6:02 pm

    Gah, you just made my womb twitch. * covers eyes * I don’t need another baby, I don’t need another baby, I don’t need another baby….

  • domestika 2008/03/07, 1:44 pm

    baby in nest Funny you should mention bamboo, Sonia – for newborn infants, I really like the bamboo line at Beba Bean, best known for the world-famous Pee-Pee Teepee — and anyone who’s ever changed the diaper on a baby boy won’t have to ask what that little item is for!

  • Sonia Simone 2008/03/07, 1:10 pm

    Super cute! I love that color.

    Have you run across any great bamboo stuff for babies? I wish a high-quality, eco-friendly company like Hanna Anderssen would do bamboo. I would promptly bankrupt myself on it, of course.

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