Canada - weather warnings map - 3 December 2007 Yes, December is defnitely here.

There’s a winter storm warning on for, well, almost all of the country, according to Environment Canada… Just in the past hour, the snow has been moving in quickly here.

He Who Hogs The Power Tools scampered out earlier than planned to do the first-of-week errands in town, and I’ve had the dogs out for some exercise (for the prevention of cabin fever — they don’t much like going out in a storm, so we have our fun now).

snow flurries with deer in orchard Meanwhile, a large buck white-tailed deer just walked purposefully up through the orchard from the road, heading for the back field. He’ll hunker down in a sheltered bit of woods and, no doubt, hope that the coyotes are otherwise occupied…

snow flurries with deer in field I was slow to grab the camera, and you’ll see that these two through-the-window snapshots are astonishingly poor — but at least they’ll give you a glimpse of today’s wild visitor. (Click the thumbnails for a slightly bigger picture.)

In another hour or so, it’s going to be a winter wonderland out there, and I’m feeling the urge to start a little festive baking and candy-making. Truffles and brown sugar fudge and maybe some shortbread cookies?

It’s Canada; it’s December…
Let’s eat!

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  1. Celine

    Appreciate the pics. Canada looks to be a lovely place. I am in NH as well as Mary Emma–Manchester. We have about a foot of snow and some ice. The scenery is lovely. Don’t get out to the woods as much as I did when I was a child. What I noticed most about storms was what happened usually just before. There seemed to be a hush in the woods. Sometimes the hush was interrupted by the cry of a blue jay or the sound of the wind in the trees. It’s winter and I reminisce.

  2. josey

    hi, jen! how about a fun game of TAG in the house while its cold and snowy out? hehe! :)

  3. domestika

    I had to let my belt out a knotch just reading the decription mmmmmm… so, yes, definitely, we’re going to need your recipe! I’ll drop you an email…

  4. Scramblejam

    Mmm, traybake…

    It’s a lovely dessert cake thing that I make… basically, chocolate, crunched up biscuits and maltesers (or caramel chunks, or cadburys mini eggs).

    I’s very, very moreish, totally evil and to die for.

    If you think the DG readers might like the recipe, I’m sensing a small guest post!?

  5. domestika

    Wow, SJ, you know how to pick your friends! “A massive man-made island” with two of my fav things — history and food! (Now, what on earth is a “malteser traybake”?)

  6. Scramblejam

    I love stormy weather!

    I am a very, very lucky man when it comes to storms – several of my friends own a Fort ( about half a mile out to sea…

    You wouldn’t believe what you can see from there when you’re right in the middle of a decent storm – awesome!

    Our storm night treats are usually cold beer, spit-roast chicken and fresh malteser traybake (a specialty of mine).

  7. domestika

    Can’t argue with your logic on the sugar issue, Aaron! ;) Good luck!

  8. Aaron Stroud

    I’m saving my sugar allowance for the day when I have the time and money to start homebrewing again!

    Two and a half more hours until the strong winds pass!

  9. domestika

    A lot more snow down on on the ground now – it’s just gone dark – but I’d rather have snow than rain, any day! Wind and trees don’t mix, for sure. My fingers are crossed for you. Maybe you need a sugar fix, Aaron! You know, while the power is still on… Mary Emma just reported in from New Hampshire, and snow-day cookies are happening at their place, too!

  10. Aaron Stroud

    I’m sure the view is beautiful where you are at. We had a foot of snow yesterday which disappeared under a deluge of rain. Right now we’re waiting out the high winds with fingers crossed. They should pass in four hours, but it only takes one tree to knock out the power or phone! And when it goes down, it can take days to restore power to my neck of the woods.

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