Wall Words transfer lettering - saying on stairsI’ve always loved the idea of painting words onto stair risers, but never had that much ambition… How much easier the project would be, with pre-pasted and pre-spaced vinyl transfer letters!

Lots of idea pictures are there for the browsing at WallWords.com, too. They say that most of their quotations can be applied in about 10 minutes. And yes, you can even design your own, the words you choose, custom-made for font (type style), size, and color.

Talk about making a statement — it’s almost tempting to go around putting bits of wisdom all over the walls (paint or wallpaper, either one will work), windows, mirrors, furniture, maybe even your vehicle… I mean, who can resist sharing a favourite quotation or inspirational saying?

Let’s see, maybe a little Marcus Aurelius to meditate on in the bathroom?
Our life is what our thoughts make it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, I love this idea, Jen – especially writing my own. There’s no limit to the places you could put them.

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