If crayons are really, really, really good… this might be where they go to die.

StoryBlox recycles old crayons into a whole bunch of fabulous new shapes, from flowers and shells and other girly things to numbers and these hugely fun CRAYO-Names.

For $5 you get a full name, up to 6 letter-shaped crayons in random colours. These are usable crayons, kid safe and ready to enjoy a whole new life of keeping small children from driving their parents insane on rainy days.

Oh, how I want some!

[via Meta-dad]

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  1. domestika

    Always happy to share the love, metaDAD, but I’m like Sharon here – the child in me will do battle for those crayons!

  2. metaDAD

    Share the love D.G., and more importantly share the crayons.

  3. Sharon

    Me too! This really appeals to the child in me. I suspect my daughter and I would be battling to use them.

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