September 2007 calendar Today is a day of rest, and I’m about ready for it! Time for a bit of a progress report…

After last week’s weight loss of 3 pounds, I expected to lose only a pound or so this week, and that’s exactly what happened. The quick loss that comes early in an exercise program has a lot to do with water loss. Fat comes off more slowly.

I also know from experience that muscle weighs more than fat, so the bathroom scales don’t always reflect the good news as your fitness level increases.

And that’s where the tape measure comes in…

I measured all the key points before I started the Walk for Weight Loss — chest, waist, that frustrating chubby belly, hips, upper arm and thigh — and now, after two weeks of walking, every one of those measurements is showing a satisfactory loss of inches. Even if I hadn’t measured to be sure, the fit of my favourite jeans is telling me that my waist in particular is getting trimmed down already!

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skinny dog That’s quite inspiring… so, in the next 2 weeks, I’ll make a real effort to watch my diet better, too.

Does This Dog Make My Butt Look Fat?

And here’s an extra bit of incentive to slim down — I’ve been asked to do a dog obedience demonstration at a fundraiser for the SPCA.

It’s almost like it’s “meant to be,” too, because the event is on September 28 — the final day of my 4 Week Walk for Weight Loss.

The dog I’ll be working with is my slim handsome greyhound — and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a long-legged athletic dog to make the owner look, er, a little chunky!

Also, I’m actually a very shy person, so getting up on stage in front of a crowd is difficult for me… If I can look trim and fit, it will give me a much-needed boost in confidence to get up and perform in public.

Wish me luck!

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