September 2007 calendar
We had just about the whole family here for lunch today — no time for walking! Fortunately, this is another rest day.

The concept behind a day of rest in the middle of a walking program isn’t about slacking off.

It’s to give the muscles a chance to recover from the stress they’ve been under, because it is during the “down time” after exercise that the muscles do their building and strengthening, not while the actual exercise is happening.

I find this reassuring and encouraging. Don’t you love the idea that your body is continuing to do the good work, getting slim and fit even as you take the day off?

That said, as days of rest go, it wasn’t entirely a day of leisure. After our company left, I spent a quality hour with the lawn mower (some chores won’t wait for anything, and there’s rain coming in tonight) and then heaved some rocks around in the side yard. We’ve got some major landscaping work in hand right now — whee!! quality strength exercises, there! — but I won’t go into it here and now. That’ll be a topic for another day.

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