September 2007 calendar
Today I had to go into town to a meeting, starting a new contract, and this was also a hospital visiting day with the therapy dogs. Busy, busy!

Long story short — and the days getting shorter all the time as we move into Fall — it was dark before I got time to do my walk.

Not wanting to walk out beside the road in the dark, for safety, I thought at first that I’d have to skip a day. Ohh noooo!

Day 26:
10 minute walk at level 5 – 6
10 minute body shaping circuit

They say it only takes 3 weeks to make a new habit, and after 26 days of following this exercise program, I have to say it wouldn’t have felt right to skip a day.

Fortunately, this is a day for a short 10-minute walk, followed by a ten-minute round of various exercises that don’t involve going anywhere — so I just walked in circles around the yard. Good thing it was dark… if any of the neighbours saw me, they would have thought I’d lost my marbles!

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