Celebrate spring with a bird motif!

Here’s a little round-up of free patterns for crocheted birds, in a range of styles to suit any taste in decor:

  1. crochet dove
    The three-dimensional Peace Dove [updated link], to crochet and stuff in two sizes, makes a unique accent for your table centerpiece.
  2. crochet country chicken welcome sign Country style calls for a cute Welcome Chicken sign with a heart motif, a cheerful way to greet your guests.
  3. retro filet crochet bird The 1920s Filet Crochet Bird looks like a Swallow, although I’d prefer to think it’s a Bluebird! Very elegant, in any case.Remember, too, that a filet chart can be used for cross-stitch or petit-point, too, if that’s your preference in needlework crafts.
  4. soft sculpture yarn crochet birds Chubby little soft sculpture birds are quick to crochet with scraps of leftover yarn.
  5. standing crane or heron filet crochet chart Another nice bit of retro filet crochet is a Standing Crane, or is it a heron? or possibly a flamingo?
    No matter… it’s lovely.


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  1. erica

    Peace dove pattern needs to be fixed. Round 12 for the body has to be incorrect. Please fix

    1. Domestik Goddess

      You’d need to get in touch with the gal who made the pattern, Erica. :)


    i’m looking for a tablecloth pattern, that’s square and has the pineapple stitch that’s looks like two doves. i saw the finished tablecloth at a yearly summer craft show in my town Schnecksville,pa. Lions club presented. IF anyone can be a help to me please let me know where i can get my hands on the crochet pattern. thank you

  3. Domestik Goddess

    Found the soft sculpture birds pattern for you, Susan!
    Marlo’s website seems to have disappeared, although the domain is still registered, so maybe it will come back again some day… but I did find the pattern written out on a German-language crafts forum. It is at http://www.nadelspiel.com/2009/08/16/hier-gibts-hilfe/ — you can just feed that URL into the text box at http://translate.google.com to translate it into English. The pattern is called “Caroline’s Birds” : just scroll down the translated page and you’ll find it. Hope this helps!

  4. Domestik Goddess

    When the whining makes me LOL, you bet it works, Susan. :) Stay tuned, I’ll see what I can track down for you.

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