Finally! Someone has thought of a magazine rack that won’t take off my toe when I drop-kick it by accident, shuffling barefoot through the living room on the way to bed.

This lovely Mag Rack is all laminated felt and bungee cords, sturdy and self-supporting yet yielding, and all squooshily organic with its natural wave…

felt magazine rack

This looks like a fabulous item for a crafty girl to (attempt to) recreate with a strip of carpet underlay, when the old wall-to-wall eventually gets removed. Unless the underlay turns out to be that terrible foam stuff — in which case, never mind.

Here’s what I would probably do:

Use a reasonably green and non-toxic fabric glue to sheath the thick underlay felt with more decorative colours of thinner felt fabric. Cut the “felt sandwich” down to about 18 inches wide (I’m just wildly extrapolating the measurements from 54Dean’s designer original, here) and maybe, oh, 5 or 6 feet long? Math isn’t my strong point… so in reality I’d probably get the length by folding it all up gently into the desired curvy shape, and cutting it off when it looks about right.

Then, clamp the curves in place and introduce the whole thing to the drill press that lives in my cellar (or get someone with actual upper-body strength to wield a hand-held drill, alternatively).

That makes the holes, through which we’d thread a piece of bungee cord. Two pieces of cord, actually — one for each pair of holes. Tight up the cords and curves as desired, and — there’s where I screech to a halt.

Now, how the heck would you fasten off the bungee cord so that there wouldn’t be great lumpy ugly knots sticking out the front and back? There’s got to be the perfect hardware gizmo, somewhere, to make a nice neat button finish. Anyone have an idea? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Or, you could grab the lovely original Mag Rack at Generate for $89 at Generate.

[via BetterLiving Through Design]

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