Of all the various freelance writing jobs I do in real life, my all-time least favourite task is to write the little blurb for the back cover of a book. Succinct is not my forte. I am a natural-born babbler, as those who move through my life will know (to the detriment of their ears and patience).

Another thing I really strongly dislike is to impose (or attempt to impose) my will upon others. I say please a lot, and thank you even more — the way more forthright souls might sprinkle their conversation with colourful expletives.

Colour me pathetic.

So of course I am vaguely appalled (and yet, truly, flattered) whenever I am tagged for a meme — especially since they do, by definition, tend to require tagging someone else…

I dither.
I procrastinate.
And eventually I fall back on the tried-and-true:

If this looks like a fun meme you’d like to give a try… you’ve been tagged!

And in this case, I save up a bunch of memes and tumble them all together into one big manic bowl of steaming mulligatawny

1. The Six-Word Memoir

If this looks like a fun meme you’d like to give a try… you’ve been tagged!

Mitch challenged me to summarize my life story in a mere six words. Wow. That’s a tough one! See above, about my lack of self-restraint when it comes to spewing out words words words and more words… It took a long dog-walk and an even longer bubble bath (top two venues for Deep Thought) to come up with this:

Party Girl Discovers IQ – Becomes Workaholic

But I forgive Mitch, because it was Pinhole who put him up to it.

And both of these fine gentlemen make it to the list of —

2.Five People Who Make My Day

If this looks like a fun meme you’d like to give a try… you’ve been tagged!

There are just too many to choose from, in all conscience, and who ever likes to play favourites? But beadinggem was kind enough to send me the award, and it would be simply churlish not to play on. Besides, I like her.

So…. hard choices… but right off the top of my head, and among the rich treasures of the internet and my subscriptions, I can refer you with confidence to these Day-Brightening Bloggers:

But I’m not out of the woods here yet, oh no! On top of all, ever since January I’ve been deep in guilt and meme-debt to Pinhole (poor man) who slathered on the compliments in a shameless ploy to extract —

3. Three Writing Tips

If this looks like a fun meme you’d like to give a try… you’ve been tagged!

and, whew! Thank heavens, an easy meme!

Everything I know about writing, I learned it from my lifelong quest to become a half-decent visual artist. (Yeah, I know… don’t rub it in.)

Here we go, three writing tips:

1. Just because everyone else makes the sky blue and the grass green, that doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. Find your own voice and vision.

2. Sometimes, to get to the good stuff, you’ve got to colour outside the lines. Never mind how you originally planned the piece to go — if it wants to go somewhere different, at least take a moment to explore the possibilities.

3. If you don’t stop talking about it, roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty — art just ain’t gonna happen.

And there you go!

Oh and…

If this looks like a fun meme you’d like to give a try… you’ve been tagged!


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  1. Mitchell Allen

    Dearest Jen,

    Once again, you have wielded the pen with amazing a-plume.
    This is the meme post to end all meme posts.
    You have made my day, colored outside the box AND displayed your remarkable IQ with a Party-girl prowess.
    Or is that IQ prowess in party-girl fashion?

    No matter, you are a good sport and a fantastic person, worthy of all the praise, awards and link love that comes your way.



  2. Glad I’m not the only one, Jen. I am currently about five memes behind for that very reason. I love your idea of combining them into a single post – mind if I pinch it?

  3. Mary Emma Allen

    I feel so honored, Jen, to be one of your Day-Brightening Bloggers. If I can do that with my blogs…uplift others and make their day brighter, I’m accomplishing one of the ultimate (in my opinion) goals of a blogger. Thank you much.

  4. Pinhole

    Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks, again!

    You needn’t feel guilty, at all. There are several memes that I felt obliged to ignore because I wasn’t as creative as you in finding a way to fit them into my blog. If you need permission to ignore me, you have it now.

    And…if this looks like a fun comment and you’d like to give it a response…you’ve been thanked!

  5. Liz Strauss

    Hi! You rock! Thanks for brightening my day right back!
    I needed that this morning!

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