Menu Plan Monday As I seem to be on a bit of a self-improvement kick at the moment, let’s see what I can do about organizing the pre-mealtime chaos with a little bit of planning ahead for this week’s supper meals.

And what better way to plan meals than to go along with Laura the Organizing Junkie‘s Menu Plan Monday? (I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but usually I’m just not quite organized enough!)

With armloads of fresh produce coming in from the garden each day, and overflowing the stalls at the local market, it only seems right that there’s a bit of a “Celebrating the Garden Harvest” theme to our meals right now…

Leftover Pork Roast
Ginger-Roasted Autumn Vegetables

Pan-Fried Halibut
Mushroom Rice Pilaf
Pearl Onions, Green and Yellow Beans

Squash-Carrot Soup
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Green Salad

Cherry-Tomato Surprise Meatballs
Mushoom Rice Pilaf (leftover from Tuesday)
Snow Peas, Baby Carrots

Atlantic Salmon Steaks
Beer Bread
Cucumber Salad, Green Beans Amandine

Stuffed Green Peppers
Caesar Salad

(The stuffed peppers on Saturday will use up the extra ground beef from the meatballs on Thursday — I buy it in the economical large size package, so it goes for several different meals, but do cook it all up at once to avoid spoilage, then freeze a few small packages of the cooked ground beef to pull out when I need them.)

Roast Chicken
Boiled New Potatoes
Mashed Turnip, Green Peas

(According to my clever-clever plan, that Sunday night chicken will be a big one — it’s going to make a lot of lunchtime sandwiches for the next week. The skin and bones and undesirable bits go into a large container in the freezer, for making a batch of chicken soup stock later on.)

Should we talk about dessert?

The early apples are just beginning to hit the local farmers’ market, but I only grow the later varieties like Macintosh and Cortland, so I’m holding off on apple-based desserts. Blueberries and blackberries are out in rich abundance, however, so we’ll be enjoying blueberry pie and crushed blackberries in cordial over ice cream for a bit of a sweet after supper this week.

Okay, well, that’s the menu… now, to see if I can manage to follow it!

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  1. Laura

    Welcome and thanks for joining us! Sounds like a great week :)


  2. delia

    Lucky you on the coast to be able to get good fish. The last time I had a piece of fresh halibut was on our vacation in Maine last year, I mean not put in a freezer truck to go 1500 miles before it gets to the frying pan!

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