Joe Kissell has rounded up a list of 70 Things You Can Get by Monthly Subscription that runs the risk of actually blowing my mind. And may I just say, our postal service delivery person (can one still say “mailman” without getting kicked out of the PC crew?) would just have kittens if I signed up for even a fraction of the goodies that it’s possible to have home-delivered each month!

Now let’s make it “70 plus one” with the Button of the Month Club over at — home of an artsy-crafty Canadian who’s seriously into handmade goods. This month’s fine limited-edition buttons are animal-enhanced for your crafting and sewing pleasure!

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  1. domestika

    It’s quite amazing, isn’t it, the variety of product subscriptions that are available? And just this morning I read about a website ( ) that lets you compare these X-of-the-month type of clubs, which are apparently getting to be hugely popular for gifts.

  2. BloggingWriter

    I particularly like the olives – though I suppose I could just get them as usual. What a great list!

  3. Kate

    Wow, who knew there was such a variety of monthly subscriptions!

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