Vomit. Throw up. Toss your cookies. There’s no pretty way to talk about regurgitation. Now, there’s a pretty way to handle it…

Okay, so throwing up in your purse is not generally considered to be a good option — but that’s exactly what the stylish Red E Bag® is designed for.

Red E Bag - designer bag makes illness discreet
Reality Check:
Sickness happens.

And sometimes it happens very suddenly —

Red E Bag inventors Jodi and Jim Carr, of As We Grow LLC, got the idea when Jodi was pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. She worked on the 26th floor of a Seattle office building, and “all I could think of was being able to get sick and not be noticed.”

Cancer patients, too, know all about sudden nausea. Sickness can catch you off guard at the most inconvenient time… like in the middle of a long elevator ride! And then there are the risks of travelling in uncertain weather, which could put any of us into an embarrassing situation…

The canvas Red E Bag folds to the size of a small clutch or large wallet. When sickness arises, just unsnap and you’re ready. A removable black plastic liner opens wide with the bag and holds up to half a gallon of liquid. A zippered pocket on the outside is large enough to carry tissues and mints.

When I heard about this bag… I have to confess to a bit of a giggle. But then I started to think about it… not funny at all, is it, for people who suffer from sudden embarrassing illness.

And how much better to have a nice little Red E Bag at hand, than to be grabbing frantically for one of those feeble paper air-sickness bags, or running hand-over-mouth in search of a washroom!

As We Grow LLC was founded in 2002 and owns the trademark and patent for the Red E Bag. They are certified as a woman-owned business through WBENC and contribute to the American Cancer Society through a note card fundraiser. For more information, contact Jodi Carr, (239) 822-2956 or jodicarr@ redebag.com, or visit www.redebag.com.

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  1. domestika

    My condolences to your sister, Bill, and my wishes for a full return to good health. My best friend is looking forward to reaching that magical 5-year anniversary in the spring, and we talk often about the changes that the experience of cancer has brought into her life over that time… One of the things she said to me recently was how much she wished that a product like the Red-E-Bag had been available when she was undergoing chemotherapy. With so many just-plain-silly products on the market, isn’t it great to see people like Jodi and Jim come out with something that actively improves the quality of life for people who need all the help and support they can get?

  2. Bill

    My sister has cancer and the Red-e-Bag has come in very handy, she says. It is a great idea and I thank Jodi & Jim for bringing it to market.

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