She’s traditional; he’s contemporary.

She’s into opulent florals and frills. He’s, well, he’s a guy.

How can the savvy home decorator blend the newlyweds’ two very different styles into one shared space?

Emily's bedroom decorating styleEmily, in close consultation with her husband James, has achieved a balanced bedroom decor in their brand new home that satisfies both her taste for lush comfort and his for clean modern lines. Neither too feminine nor too sparely masculine, their bedroom is a restful environment that’s tailor-made for two.

Tailoring is key. Emily’s new bedding is a subtle print that’s frankly feminine, but she’s chosen a box-pleated bedskirt instead of a dust ruffle. The curtains are tied-tab panels in a tobacco weave that’s strong enough to balance the dark wood of bed and bureau, without overwhelming the clear blue paint on the walls.

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It’s not a large room, so the newlyweds chose to stop the colour at the top of the knee-wall and move to white for the sloped ceiling, keeping the room looking bright and fresh.

Modern art over the bed picks up the main colours in the room, and is nicely balanced by Emily’s childhood Victorian-style dollhouse (in bold robins-egg-blue) that adds weight and substance to the opposite corner.

Just more proof that compromise can work out just fine — not a bad start to married life!

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  1. Carolyn P.

    I love that dollhouse, it looks like an antique. Interesting idea, about taking the husband into account when you decorate. DH would agree with that, he hates the Broderie Anglaise duvet cover and window topper that I picked out because it looked so fresh and romantic. He’d be happy if everything was dark green and an empty keg for a night table I sometimes think!

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