Synchronicity! I’ve just been reading a lot of posts on the Greyhound List about what vehicle is best for transporting one (or several) large dogs. There was a lot of talk about the Element, Odyssey, Vibe, heavy on the sports-utility vehicles. But also a lot of talk about gas mileage and hybrid vehicles, I was pleased to see.

Being cheap… er, frugal… we compromised with an affordable secondhand small wagon that got the nod from the LemonAid used-car guide. It’s been a fairly reliable car, and is just adequate for our needs in size and power.

Still, there are some days when I’d trade the great gas mileage for a little more space. You can’t put two Tim Horton’s coffees in the front cup holders and still shift gears, believe it or not! Someone wasn’t thinking that through.

Now it looks like Honda has taken note of how indulgent and obsessive some of us dog-lovers can be!

The WOW Concept, which stands for “wonderful openhearted wagon,” shown to reporters recently, will be exhibited at the Tokyo auto show later this month, but there are no plans for commercial sale.

A special crate for dogs in the glove apartment allows owners to interact with their pets while driving. A bigger crate pops up from the floor in the back seat area and can be folded back into the floor when it’s not needed. For even bigger dogs, just buckle them up with a special seat belt attached to the floor.

Why not for commercial sale? I’d love to hear the real-world reviews on this one!

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